My name is Sharony Green. I am an assistant professor of History at the University of Alabama.  My first historical monograph, Remember Me to Miss Louisa: Black-White Intimacies in Antebellum America (Northern Illinois University Press, 2015), was sparked by my interest in antebellum women of color in the Deep South and Midwest. A podcast addressing issues raised in the book is now available.  Learn more here. Scholarly reviews of that book are available here. My next research project focuses on racial and spatial politics in South Florida. I am ultimately interested in exploring the complex ways human beings encounter one another amid apparent social progress and setbacks.  I addressed this issue in part via an interview on ESPN’s SportsCenter. I have met people who want to publish books. I offer advice on that process here. I am the co-director and co-producer of a documentary on my former father-in-law Grant Green, the late jazz guitarist. For updates on my work, please read my blog. Here is my CV. And here are recent or upcoming events.



Ph.D., History, University of Illinois, 2013

M.A., History, University of Chicago, 2008

M.A., Dance and Related Studies (Film, Theatre and History), University of North Carolina-Greensboro, 2005

B.S., University of Miami, 1989





Lorraine Propheter, lpropheter@niu.edu

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